Any Questions?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhatever our  age, education, or social background we all have questions like……

Is there a God?

If so, what is He like?

Why does He allow wars, terrorism and natural disasters?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

We believe that although there are many things that are hard to understand, God gives us the answers in His Word, the Bible.  Whatever your question, do feel free to contact me for a chat, or request a free booklet which highlights the Bibles teaching on the questions you might have.

Below is a selection of Booklets that people have found useful:

questions-book1Jesus was born over 2000 years ago.  But why was His birth so significant that we  continue to celebrate it at Christmas each year?  Internationally-known author John Blanchard explains why.






“Isn’t the Bible just a bunch of made-up stories?” “What about the followers of other religions?” ‘If you could ask God one Question’ looks at  these questions and many more.




If God, as the Bible teaches, really is compassionate and loving, why are there things like war, terrorism and natural disasters? John Blanchard takes a look at the Bible’s surprising answers.






It’s a certainty that one day we will all face death. This book shows that death does not have to be faced with fear and uncertainty, but can even be faced with joy and confidence!

So feel free to contact me by telephone 01908 785161 or email for your free booklet.